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Monday, Aug 1, 2011
To the average home owner, tile is tile. From the outside, all tile appears to be essentially the same. The truth is not all tile is created equally, more importantly however not all tile installations are created equally. Be educating yourself with our Ten Tallahassee Tile Tips, you can be certain that you choose the right tile for your home, but more importantly that the tile you choose is going to last for years to come, regardless of who installs it. Tile knowledge is power.   Read more...
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011
This bathroom was created from scratch and features natural stone floors and counter-tops, a custom built walk in shower, recessed lighting and more.   Read more...
Sunday, Nov 28, 2010
Although many of us get so busy with family, the holidays and other commitments during the winter months, it is a wonderful time to find fantastic remodeling bargains and get a lot done before the new year arrives. We will briefly talk about some of the more popular projects for those short and chilly winter weekends.   Read more...
Monday, Nov 1, 2010
It is common place to find wood rot in your home, especially here in Tallahassee, FL. Over the years we have found that all homes are susceptible to wood rot, even homes built only a few years ago. Understanding exactly what wood rot is and how to fix it will save you time and money.   Read more...
Friday, Oct 22, 2010
My fiance and I have been looking to purchase a home for the last three months. During this time we have looked at dozens of houses, many of which suffered from the same flaw: incomplete (attempted) or poor quality remodeling projects by the previous owners that went terribly wrong. Doing remodeling projects on your own home is a great way to save money and also have fun however you must do it the right way. This article will send you off in the right direction.   Read more...
Wednesday, Sep 29, 2010
When it comes to choosing the right layout for your kitchen remodel, there is more to it then just picking out what cabinets, counter tops and appliances will suite your needs and taste. The intelligent design of a kitchen and strategic placement of elements including the appliances will make your kitchen more functional and productive.   Read more...
Tuesday, Sep 28, 2010
A shower can be just the right place to invigorate and energize us for the long day ahead, or provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxing after that long day has ended. If your remodeling your bathroom, you will likely be investing in a new shower. Knowing what types of showers are available and how they are different will prepare you when you begin the remodeling plans for your new bathroom.   Read more...
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010
Counter tops will no doubt play a big role in your kitchen remodel. Depending on your needs and budget, counter tops may be a minor, or in the case of granite and rare stoned counter tops, a major expense. Getting the facts about kitchen counter top materials, installation techniques and factors that affect the cost of counter tops will prepare you for the counter top portion of your kitchen remodel.   Read more...
Sunday, Sep 12, 2010
When remodeling a kitchen the first thing most of us will think of is bright and shiny new cabinets to store all of our goods conveniently. With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to make the right choice for your kitchen, and know that you are purchasing a quality cabinet product. By learning the basics about cabinets and following some simple rules from this article; you will be able to browse and purchase cabinets with confidence.   Read more...
Saturday, Sep 11, 2010
Utilizing the concepts of universal design when remodeling your kitchen is a smart way to ensure that it will remain functional for both your family and anyone else who may live with you or purchase your home in the future.   Read more...
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  • July 01, 2011 | Killearn Bathroom Remodel Completed

    We have completed yet another one of a kind bathroom in Tallahassee, FL. This bathroom remodel was from the ground up and included a tub to shower conversion, crown molding, travertine floors, granite countertops and more.

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  • June 28, 2010 | Recent Bath Remodeling Project Completed.

    We could not be happier with our most recent bath remodel project. This out dated bathroom was completely modernized. This was a ground up remodel, and features the latest bathroom lighting, amenities, decor and more.

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