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Tallahassee Kitchen Construction - Choosing the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Sunday, Sep 12, 2010
Tallahassee Kitchen Construction - Choosing the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Whether you prepare gourmet meals for your family and frequent dinner parties, or you prefer more simple fare; you will want your newly remodeled kitchen to compliment your lifestyle and make it more convenient. Nothing will contribute more to the convenience of your new kitchen then the cabinets you choose and the configuration in which you choose to install them. Long trips in between appliances, sinks and surfaces can make an enjoyable task like cooking seem more like a chore.

Whether you decide to add more cabinets than you already have when you remodel, or remove cabinets to create more space, always remember that when designing a cabinet layout and system, the most important thing is that the kitchen works well for you and your needs, cabinetry included. Spending a little extra time planning the layout, size, shape and style of your new cabinets will make your newly remodeled kitchen much more enjoyable and efficient once its finished.

Although its true that cabinets will greatly help define the look, feel and environment of a kitchen, their main job is to store the food, utensils and many other items used to prepare, serve and clean up after meals and snacks. So aside from looking good, your new cabinets need to be well built from durable materials to withstand the everyday wear and tear they will experience for years to come.

Above all, the most important thing when choosing cabinets will be quality construction. Regardless of how great a cabinet may look on the outside, if the construction or materials are inferior then the cabinets are sure to break and damage easily - loosing the aesthetic appeal that made you purchase them in the first place. Quality cabinets will be made of real wood and feature dove tail and/or mortise-and-tenon joinery accompanied by solidly mortised hinges. The interiors of quality cabinets should be will finished, with shelves that are no less then 5/8" thick and easily adjustable to meet your storage needs and hold heavy loads like dinnerware, bags of flour and canned goods. The drawers which will no doubt accompany your cabinets should also feature the same construction methods and materials, and slide on ball-bearing glides that easily support 75lbs or more when fully opened.

There are two construction styles for kitchen cabinets, frame-less and framed. Framed cabinets have a full frame across the face of the cabinet box. This frame provides a means of securing adjacent cabinets together and strengthens wider cabinet boxes with a center rail. Hinges may be either visible or hidden, and the front frames may or may not be visible around doors and drawers when closed - depending on their size. Frame-less cabinets are built without a face frame. Tight, close fitting doors cover the entire front of the box; or they may be set into the box opening. You can buy inexpensive ready made cabinets directly from a retailer in finished form, unfinished form or as knockdowns. These usually will be framed cabinets. If you prefer a more custom look, you can order them custom from the manufacturer, or have a carpenter or cabinet maker build them for you.

When it comes time to choose your cabinets follow these basic rules:

1. Always insist on quality construction and materials.
2. Determine which type of cabinet fits your needs and preferences.
3. Be sure to always plan your layout in advanced before browsing or purchasing.

Best of Luck,

Paul Adrianse

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